Feeding The Hungry Without Exploiting Animals

VEGFAM helps people overseas by providing funds for self-supporting, sustainable food projects and the provision of safe drinking water.

We fund ethically sound plant-food projects, which do not exploit animals or the environment: seeds and tools for vegetable growing, fruit and nut tree planting, irrigation and water wells. Also, emergency feeding in times of crisis.

VEGFAM funded projects are carried out by organisations who are committed to helping their fellow human beings in practical and sustainable ways - helping people who are often out of reach of the major charities.

We rely totally on donations from supporters - we do not receive funding from any other source. For every £1 general donation received, 90p is
spent directly on projects.

In recent years, our famine relief projects have benefited: flood and earthquake survivors (including tsunami), HIV/AIDS sufferers, homeless people, marginalised communities, maternity homes, orphanages, refugees, schools and colleges. Villagers and tribal people have also been helped.

From 2008 to 2012, Vegfam funded 39 projects in 23 countries, helping over 950,000 people.

To date, millions of people around the world are alive as a result of VEGFAM funded famine relief projects.

Please support VEGFAM'S work - sending a donation will enable us to fund life saving projects which alleviate hunger, thirst, malnutrition and starvation.

All donations and legacies are gratefully received and make a real difference to people's lives. Every donation counts. Thank you.

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