GHANA, Upper East Region, Builsa District                                                           


Kandema Rural Regeneration Project. Funds for: nut and fruit tree seedlings, technical support and training.

This area suffers from recurring drought, erratic rains and declining crop yields.
Deforestation, overgrazing and soil erosion has led to poor food security.
Most of the men have migrated to urban areas to search for work - leaving the women to provide for the families, in difficult conditions.
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Beneficiaries: approximately 4,000 people (women's groups and villagers) in 4 communities, benefiting from food crops, tree crops or income generated from their sale.
Twenty acres of degraded land will be rehabilitated and 27,400 trees will be planted: cashew, cassia, mahogany, mango, moringa oleifera, neem, pigeon pea, shea, wild tamarind. Training will be provided to set up: the tree nurseries, composting and water conservation schemes - which will regenerate the eroded land.
In addition to food the trees will provide/facilitate: environmental benefits, erosion control, fertiliser, green manure, land reclamation, live hedges, organic manure, medicine, mulch, shelter belts, soil improvement, materials for tools, wind breaks and water conservation.
This is part of a larger project; in which the project partner will provide other trees to be grown for fuel wood, building materials and income-generating produce.
Food security will be provided by the whole project and surplus crops will be marketed locally. It is planned that at least 12 women's groups (120 women) shall be formed to participate in income generation activities - marketing the tree produce.

This 4 year project is financed through TREE AID (Bristol, UK), working with Kandema Community (NGO).

GHANA, Upper East Region, Builsa District                                                            


Kandema Rural Regeneration Project. Funds for: 2 water wells at tree nurseries (see above). 

Financed through TREE AID (Bristol, UK), working with Kandema Community (NGO).