INDIA, Dharma Puri, Tamil Nadu


Leper Rehabilitation Colony Seeds and Tools Distribution Project. Funds for: seeds, tools and irrigation supplies.

Thousand of people in this district live in broken down houses and huts in a Leprosy colony. They are permitted to live there by the Government but many have no food or water and are starving. Some have managed to do light jobs but others, unable to cope, have committed suicide.
Lepers are rejected from society and are chased out, ending up at the colony.
A very hot, dry climate makes conditions worse.

Beneficiaries: 1500 lepers (incl. 500 children) and 500 farming families near to the colony.
Irrigation channels will be dug and organic seeds planted to provide: bananas, dhall, rice and vegetables. It is hoped that there will be enough seeds from the harvest to share with others - potentially benefiting a further 5,000 people.

Financed through Pastor Jesudoss (Madurai, India).

INDIA, Orissa, Jarkhand and Bengal                                                                        


Emergency Food for Survivors of Floods (June 2008). Funds for: 6,000 food packets and water.

Tens of thousands of people were displaced by floods in the 3 districts. They took shelter on the streets, under bushes and trees. Thousands more lost their lives.
The rains were the heaviest for 60 years. More than 8 million people were affected - 2 million alone in Bengal.

Beneficiaries: 2,000 homeless and destitute survivors of floods. Each person will receive water and 3 meals per day of vegetable rice and dhall rice for one week. It is hoped that Government and agency aid will then have reached the people.

The food will be distributed by staff from the Church of Jesus and Siloam Gospal Mission in Madurai.

Financed through Pastor Jesudoss (Madurai, India).

INDIA, Madurai                                                                                                            


Food for Children's Home Project. Funds for: nutritious vegan food for children in an orphanage for 6 months.

The orphanage at the Church of Jesus and Siloam Gospal Mission site has been there for more than 20 years. It acts as a feeding centre and residential home for 50 school children.
For more than a decade Vegfam has worked with Pastor Paul Jesudoss, funding the humanitarian services run by the church and mission (long-term sustainable projects and short-term emergency relief work).

Beneficiaries: 50 orphaned school children residing at the orphanage.
Recently, local financial support for the orphanage has dwindled because of hard times in the area. Previously, a girls' dormitory on site provided income from rental fees which covered the food bills of the orphanage. Some of the residents of the dormitory (vulnerable  females who have been given a home) are unable to cover the rent and general rising costs means that there are now not enough funds to feed the children at the orphanage.
This one-off funding has been provided to relieve the burden of food debt and to ensure that the 50 children can continue to receive drinks and 3 nutritious meals per day - while the Pastor and managerial staff find sustainable ways to fund the orphanage in the future.

Financed through Pastor Jesudoss (Madurai, India).

INDIA, Bihar                                                                                                                


Bihar Floods (August 2008) - Emergency Response Programme. Funds for emergency food.

In August, the heavy rains caused a dam on the Kosi river to burst, triggering flooding in Nepal and Bihar. The increased volume of water caused the river to change course - severely flooding areas not usually prone to flooding.
More than 3 million people were affected and scores died in the floods.
Over 300 relief camps were set up. Over 90% of affected people were not accommodated in the camps. They lived on roadsides, in makeshift unofficial camps or on open ground; without food, water, shelter or sanitation.

Beneficiaries: 223 homeless families (1,115 people). Each family will receive 28kg of food: chuda, sugar (or jaggery), lentils, vegetable oil, sattu (Bengal gram powder) and rice.
This response is part of a much larger programme operated by Concern Worldwide.

Financed through Concern Worldwide (London, UK), working with local partner networks: Ghoghardiha Prakhand Swarajya Vikas Sangh (GPSVS) and Nav Jagriti.                                                               

INDIA, Sathaya Nagar, Tamil Nadu                                                                          


Street Children Food Distribution Programme. Funds for: food for blind homeless children for 30 days (3,600 meals).

According to the Indian Blind Church Ministry, of the 40 million blind people in the world  over 15 million are in India.
Many blind children come from villages and the lowest sections of Indian society. Causes of their blindness include malnutrition, lack of medical care, poverty and negligence.
Blind parents who are unable to care for their blind child often lose their child to death.
Of the 2 million blind children in India, many are destitute, living on the streets. Some are orphans and others are children of dying HIV/AIDS sufferers.

Beneficiaries: more than 40 destitute blind street children and orphans.
Nutritious vegan food and water will be distributed to the children three times a day in nearby public halls or schools. Meals will consist of: vegetable rice, tamarind and dhall rice, lemon rice with pickles and tomato rice.
Distribution will be carried out by volunteers from the Church of Jesus and/or Siloam Gospal Mission, Madurai.

Financed through Pastor Paul Jesudoss (Madurai, India).