KENYA, Northeastern Province, Garissa District                                                    


Organic Horticultural Promotion for Rural Communities Project. Funds for: seeds and planting materials, training (crop production, food preparation, hygiene, irrigation, marketing, nutrition, vegetable processing) and support costs.
Seeds distribution project for communities affected by recent post election violence.
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The violence in Kenya caused an humanitarian crisis. Food stuffs are in short supply and are very expensive, if available. Businesses have been destructed and the economy is at a standstill. There is a lack of employment and income.
More than 300,000 people are internally displaced and over 500,000 are in need of emergency assistance.
There is a high incidence of HIV/AIDS and there is no access to healthcare - the people  are severely marginalised and also suffer from: anaemia, malaria, malnutrition, respiratory disease and tuberculosis.

Garissa is an arid and semi-arid area which is adversely affected by drought.
Agriculture is reliant on 2 rainy seasons (March to May and October to December).
Nomads have lost everything and have been forced to adopt an agricultural way of life -learning to grow vegetables and irrigate crops.

Beneficiaries: 1,050 people (150 families). Many are former nomads, orphans and widows.
Vegetables will be grown organically on 60 acres; crops to include: cassava, cowpeas, green grams, hot peppers, kales, onions, pawpaw, pigeon peas, sesame, sorghum, sweet peppers and tomatoes. 17,100 fruit trees will be planted (mangoes and oranges) to provide food, fix nitrogen in the soil and provide nutrients. The trees will also be crucial to reinforce the river banks, along with shrubs and grasses that will be provided.
Surplus crops will be grown (40 to 60%) for income generation. Seeds will be set aside and stored for subsequent planting, with additional seeds being bought with the income generated from the sale of surplus crops.
Also, Irrigation work will be undertaken and vegetable processing techniques (sun drying etc) will enable vegetables to be kept for longer and sold over a longer period at the local markets.

This project will provide food security and income generation - improving livelihoods, health and nutrition.

Financed through Concern Universal (Hereford, UK) - CU are also contributing to the project costs (a further 35%).