BANGLADESH, Kalinganj Upazilla in Satkhira District.                          

Improving Quality of Life Through Water Intervention.
Funds for: the provision and installation of 20 shallow tube wells, 5 deep tube wells and a rain preservation scheme. Also, training costs on the installation of tube wells and testing for arsenic contamination.

Safe water coverage in Bangladesh is only 42% - provided by shallow tube wells which are at risk of contamination from arsenic.

Kalinganj Upazilla has a population of 185,669 (33,758 households).
Currently, the majority of wells in the area are contaminated with arsenic.

Beneficiaries: households, schools and colleges.
This project will be implemented through Ganokendras (development and resource centres).
Communities will have full access to safe water sources for all domestic purposes, within a convenient distance of their homes.
Training will be given on arsenic testing and tube well installation. People will also learn how to operate and maintain the water points themselves.

Financed through Dhaka Ahsania Mission (Devon, UK), working with Dhaka Ahsania Mission Bangladesh.