SOUTH INDIA, Nagamangalam Village, Madurai.                                 

Farm Garden for Street Children.  
Funds for: land rental, seeds, tools and irrigation supplies.

Thousands of street children in this part of India survive by begging and foraging through bins for leftovers from hotels and other places.
The children are often shelterless orphans - others are destitute children of parents who are scavengers or low paid menial workers. They are affected by many diseases such as: chicken pox, diarrhoea, eye sickness, malaria, measles, polio, yellow fever and scabies.
1 child in every 100 dies each month from such diseases in this district.

This area near Madurai recently experienced a heatwave of 49°c, which made the situation even worse.

Beneficiaries: 300 homeless, orphaned street children aged 10 to 14 years.
This project will produce a supply of fresh nutritious food - providing a daily meal and drink for the children. These youngsters were previously reliant on begging.     
Many were undernourished and suffering from disease.
Crops grown will include: bananas, dhall, ground nuts, ragi, rice, sugar cane and a mixture of vegetables. The resulting produce will be used for direct feeding and some may be sold to buy other nutritious food.
The children are now receiving a nutritious meal and drink each day, a basic education and training in horticultural skills (by working on the farm garden land).

Financed through Pastor Jesudoss (Madurai, India).


SOUTH INDIA, Oodai Patty Village.

Seeds For Poor Farmers.
Funds for seeds and water channelling irrigation works.

Oodai Patty is a very poor backward village, surrounded by paddy fields.
Farming families are very poor. Thousands of families have not grown crops for 4 years, as they cannot afford to buy seeds or to pay the costs involved in chanelling water for irrigation. Many people have starved to death as a result.

Beneficiaries: 1500 poor farming families initially. A further 500 families in 25 surrounding small villages will receive seed distributed from the harvest.
Farmers will each receive seed - more than 1,000 acres of agricultural lands will be planted with grains and vegetables (including corn, rice, sugar canes and mixed vegetables).
Seeds from the harvest will be saved for the next season's planting and seed will also then be distributed to a further 25 surrounding small villages.
Many farmers and their families would have died this year without this project.
The project will benefit the villages for 3 years, after which time it should be ongoing and self-supporting.

Financed through Pastor Jesudoss (Madurai, India).